Thursday, May 10, 2007

Good Citizenship

I wrote this email last night when I was pumped up. Somehow the adrenal faded and I fell asleep. But I wanted to share my adventure with you. Why - b/c I'm a good citizen, a girl scout (sans uniform), practically an American hero. Maybe one day, someone will nominate me for World News Tonight's "Person of the Week".

This is what I wrote - before I fell asleep-

Adrenalin is racing. What a night. It started out normal. Met my friend Paul - we saw Spiderman. After, it was a nice night. We decided to walk home. At 61st and Park, he turned right to go home. I continued on. Called Colleen b/c I didn't want to walk alone. Strangely, she was not at home waiting by the phone for me. So I'm walking, listening to the Killers, when I see this guy going towards his car. But, it wasn't his car. He was tring to break in. And he as looking for something on the side of the car, but what? As I got near, he started acting weird. Waving his hands in the air like I had a gun. He backed off the car. I passed him and pretended not to notice. He followed me. I walked a little faster. I crossed the street. I turned to see where he was. He was waving his hands in the air - examing them in the street light. He was high. Like, really high. I walked into an apartment building and told the 2 doormen what was going on. I thought they'd call the police. They told me to stay inside.

The first doorman asked me if I was sure of what I saw - he said, "are you sure....on this street....park avenue"? I said yes yes. He was glad b/c his car was on Lex. Mrm "high guy" passed the building and walked up to another car. He peered into the windows. He tried opening the door. No alarms. Don't people on Park avenue have car alarms? Maybe they can afford to have their cars stolen. Then, he started opening the gas tank. He was trying to inhale the fumes. I have never seen anyone actuallu sniffing car fumes before. I knew I should have had my "action 12" camera with me today.

So I'm hanging in the building for another minute, to the annoyance of the residents who were coming and going and giving me dirty looks. Apparently seeing me in the vestible talking with the doorman was more upsetting than the bozo sniffing gas outside the door.

A minute later, the crazy guy is a half block away, and the two doormen are talking to each other about druggies on the subway. I realize I have to do something. The guy is completely wasted and is going to hurt himself or someone else. The doorman aren't calling the police, so I did. I left and followed the druggie - who attempted to sniff a third car and then tried breaking into a dr.'s office.

So I called 911 to make a citizen's arrest. At first they kept questioning my location - as if 74th amd Park hasn't seen its share of drugs and gasoline sniffers. They turned me over to EMS. In two minutes, paramedics arrived. It was funny b/c they we're stuck at the light and someone ran up to them and pointed out the druggie.

EMS pulled over and parked. They approached the guy. I stood back, not wanting to get in the way, or attacked in some crazy crystal-meth rage. I have to admit, watching them talk to the guy was boring, and it was 10p, so idecided I was no longer needed. I knew Mr. High guy was in good hands, soon to be in lock down or the druggie detox ward at Bellvue.

Normally, I would have minded my business and let the guy sniff all the gas on the upper east side. But I'm glad I took action. I so feel like a super hero. As Spidey says, we can all make a difference, if we choose to.....

I wonder what will happen when Michelle and I walk home tonight?